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Trail Use Etiquette

We encourage respectful dialogue and education between user groups to reduce the amount of incidents on multi-purpose trails.


These trails are a great way for users to have access to a large number of miles whether you’re on foot, hoof, or tread. It is the user’s responsibility to know and understand the trail rules and regulations.


Do not create new trails for your convenience; this contributes to erosion
issues and dangerous trails.


It’s a simple concept: if you offer respect, you are more likely to receive it. Education with friendly dialogue will diminish negative encounters on the trail for all users.

  • Communicate in advance

  • Observe park regulations & speed limits

  • Don’t block the trail. Allow room for other users to pass safely.

  • Stay alert



Yield to ALL other users

  • Control your speed

  • Slow down and use caution when approaching other trail users and blind turns

  • Avoid startling horses, dogs, hikers and joggers. Reduce your speed, speak clearly, and do not rush past other users.

  • Do not build jumps or create new trails



Have priority on trail

  • As an equestrian, you have a responsibility to manage your animals on the trail; it is not advised to bring “green” rides to multi-purpose trails unless they are comfortable. If your horse spooks easily, do not ride them on multi-purpose trails.

  • Keep an eye out for other users in front of you, behind you, and joining you at trail junctions.

  • Inform other users of safest way to pass. Not all trail users are familiar with a horse’s behavior. Some dogs and people can be frightened, communicate your needs clearly.

  • Be responsible, maintain control of your horse at all times.



Yield to Hikers and Equestrians

  • Dogs must be on a leash not to exceed 6 feet. When passing other users, maintain a short leash to avoid confrontation, and maintain control of your dog.

  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed on trails.

  • Yield to other hikers and equestrians. Because some dogs are unpredictable, step to one side of the trail with your dog to allow enough room for others to pass safely.

  • Pick up dog waste and haul off trail.



Yield to Hooves

  • Always yield to equestrians. If you are running, slow down or stop. Horses can spook when a runner approaches too fast.

  • Be alert

  • Don’t block the trail. Allow others to pass if you’re taking a break.

  • Keep at least one ear open. For safety and for communicating with others, wear only one ear bud when listening to devices.

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